NYSEG Electric Choice


Energy Choice

NYSEG is your energy delivery company. Whether you purchase your electricity and/or natural gas supply from NYSEG or a supplier other than NYSEG, NYSEG will continue to deliver your energy, safely and reliably. If your power is interrupted, you have a natural gas emergency or you have questions regarding your energy delivery service, NYSEG will be there for you.

Electricity Supply Choices:

  • NYSEG Supply Service consists of variable NYSEG electricity supply and transition charges and a fixed NYSEG delivery charge. The supply charge changes each month as the market price of electricity fluctuates.
  • ESCO Supply Service consists of an ESCO electricity supply charge, a variable NYSEG transition charge and a fixed NYSEG delivery charge. How much you pay for your electricity supply depends on your agreement with your supplier. Contact an ESCO if you wish to select this option.
  • Customers in the same service classifications will pay the same delivery and transition charges regardless of supply choice.

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