LIPA Electric Choice


Energy Choice

Long Island Choice is a LIPA program that provides residential and commercial customers with the option to purchase their electric supply directly from energy service companies other than LIPA. If you do not contract with an Energy Service Company (ESCO), you'll continue to receive your electric supply directly from LIPA.

Program Highlights

  • Purchase electric supply from energy service companies other than LIPA.
  • Fosters electric retail competition as a means to increase consumer choice and potentially generate additional cost savings for Long Islanders.
  • The program is entirely voluntary.
  • Phases of LI Choice
  • Who qualifies for Long Island Choice?

    Just about all residential and non-residential customers who receive their full power requirements from LIPA qualify for Long Island Choice. If you have multiple meter locations, you may choose different ESCOs for different accounts, or you may use one ESCO.

    Applying for LI Choice

  • You choose an ESCO that has been licensed by LIPA.
  • You are accepted by the ESCO.
  • Contract terms are provided to you by the ESCO.
  • You enter a written, verbal or electronic contract with the ESCO and the ESCO enrolls you electronically.
  • LIPA confirms enrollment with a confirmation letter.
  • You respond to letter only if the information is incorrect.
  • Choose an ESCO
  • How will I be billed?

    You will receive one bill from your ESCO for energy supply and another from LIPA for delivery. Generally, your cost will depend on the electric rate you negotiate with the energy service provider and the amount of electricity you purchase. As a Long Island Choice customer, you can still participate in LIPA's Balanced Billing Program for the LIPA portion of your bill. More Frequently Asked Questions

    What are LIPA's responsibilities?

    LIPA will continue to deliver electricity to you. If your ESCO fails to supply electricity or goes out of business, LIPA will supply electricity without interruption. LIPA will also restore power in the event of an outage or other emergency, ensure service reliability by maintaining the delivery system, read your meter, and provide billing on delivery charges and other essential customer services.

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