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Energy Choice

JCPL is proud and happy to be your energy supplier. Thanks to an innovative and comprehensive initiative from the state of New Jersey, New Jersey Choice, you can choose what company you buy your energy from. Whether you decide to switch energy suppliers or elect to remain with your current energy company, you'll continue to have access to safe and reliable energy. Customers who choose not to shop for power will continue to purchase their electric commodity from JCPL under regulated basic generation service. Similarly, customers who choose not to shop for natural gas will purchase their natural gas commodity from JCPL under regulated basic gas supply service. This "safety net" is essential to protect the reliability of service to consumers, as well as protecting consumers if a third-party supplier defaults or fails to provide electricity. Although JCPL does not encourage customers to switch suppliers and does not recommend any specific third party supplier, for both customers who choose not to shop and those that choose to switch, JCPL will continue to be responsible for maintaining the existing network of wires, pipes, and poles that make up the delivery system, which will serve all consumers, regardless of whom they choose to purchase their electricity or natural gas from. We hope the information provided here will assist you in making the best energy choice for you, your family, or your business.

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