JCPL Electric Rates


Below is the current Price to Compare for JCPL along with the historical Price to Compare. The Price to Compare for JCPL is the value to use when comparing offers from a Third Party Supplier (TPS) to determine if there is value to be gained from choosing them. The electricity rate structure employed by JCPL for determining residential electricity rates employs what is known as a declining block structure. In JCPL's case, this means that JCPL charges you a different electricity rate for all kWhs used up to 600 kWh in a given month, and a different electricity rate for all kWhs used in excess of 600 kWh in a given month. In order to provide a rate to compare, Power2Switch assumes an average monthly usage of 800 kWh, with the first 600 kWh being at the one electricity rate and the next 200 kWh being at the other electricity rate. (800 kWh is the approximately the average monthly electricity usage by a residential customer in the U.S. as defined by the EIA.) Your actual rate to compare may be slight different than the rate to compare provided here, and is available on your JCPL electricity bill. Power2Switch shall update this information on a monthly basis as JCPL updates its rate book.

February 2013 Price to Compare:
10.96 ¢/kWh

How to determine Price to Compare?

The 'price to compare' is comprised of three components; Energy price, Generation obligation price and Transmission obligation price for the customer's monthly kWh usage.