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Energy Choice

Con Edison offers a number of programs to help you find the right energy options for your home or business and to help you manage your energy use.

Electric Choice: With Electric Choice, you can choose to buy your electricity and natural gas from a number of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).

What does Electric Choice mean?

Electric Choice means you can shop around for energy and choose the supplier you like. It's another opportunity for you to take charge of your energy bills. Con Edison still delivers your energy, but now you can choose to buy your electricity and natural gas from a number of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).

Why is Con Edison promoting other suppliers?

The energy industry has changed, and Con Edison has changed with it. We want to help make it easy for you to choose an energy supplier. Choosing an ESCO is easy. Contact the suppliers, compare the offers, and pick the one that's best for you. ESCOs offer programs with fixed or variable prices, and many other services. Ask about terms, bill payment options, and other options that meet your needs. Some ESCOs may even offer you incentives.

When you choose an ESCO and enroll, the ESCO will ask for your Con Edison account number to obtain your usage information, and with your approval, enroll you in the program. Click here for a list of ESCOs serving residential and small business customers.

When you buy energy from an ESCO, Con Edison will still deliver your electricity and gas safely and reliably. We'll always be there for you in a service emergency. No matter who you choose for your energy supply, you will still receive the same level of customer service from Con Edison.

It's Your Choice

Some energy suppliers (ESCOs) have been using misleading tactics, such as saying that they represent Con Edison, or that customers must switch to a new supplier within 30 days. While we encourage our customers to shop around and explore alternative suppliers through Electric Choice, Con Edison does not send salespeople to your door or have them call your home or business. There is no deadline, nor are customers required to choose a new supplier. Switching to a different supplier is your choice - so shop wisely and make the energy choice that makes sense for you.

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