Central Hudson Outage Map


Stay up to date on the latest Central Hudson Outages

Use the map below to zoom in and see outages for the Central Hudson service area.

Below is an outage map for electricity in Central Hudson territory. It is updated in real-time to reflect what is currently happening in Central Hudson territory. If you are experiencing a power outage in Central Hudson territory, contact Central Hudson to report the outage. Contact information for Central Hudson.

The Outage Map uses color-coded symbols to indicate the number and location of customers without power in the Central Hudson service territory. Outage information is updated every 15 minutes.

The Legend tab to the left of the map explains how the color-coded outage symbols indicate the number and location of customers without service.

The Summary tab to the left of the map provides additional information by county and municipality. Click on the icon to the left of Outages by County for an overview of the county, customers affected, total customers served and estimated restoration times when available. Click on the (+) sign to the left of County for individual town and city outage listings.

Place your mouse pointer over a color-coded outage symbol on the map for information about the outage and to zoom in for a closer view.

The Go To tab to the lower left of the map allows you to return to the Overview Map or navigate to a specific address or municipality of your choice.

For a specific address, enter an address, street, city and click the green arrow button.

For a specific municipality, click on the dropdown arrow under "Go to County" and make a selection.


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