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In 1900, th ree men - Thaddeus Beal, his father William R. Beal and John Wilkie - purchased two companies which provided 5,000 Newburgh, New York customers with electricity and gas. It was a bold move to reach beyond the economic activity of the city into a sparsely populated region, but Beal, Wilkie, and their associates recognized the need for consolidation of the many separate electric and gas companies serving our region. Over the next 25 years these men realized their vision. With the emergence of new energy technology and through the merger of 80-plus independent electric and gas companies, the Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation was formed.

The year 2000 saw the formation of CH Energy Group, Inc., a holding company/parent organization of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation and a family of subsidiaries known as Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation.

Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, CH Energy Group offers electricity, natural gas, propane, fuel oil and other petroleum products, along with superior energy services for their residential and business customers. They are a well-established energy company with a tradition of business excellence, committed to dynamic growth that reaches beyond traditional geographical, product and service boundaries.

Today, the economy is increasingly national and international in scope. New forces - driven by technology and deregulation - are being unleashed. Its subsidiaries have positioned Central Hudson and the CH Energy Group organization to seek and expand new products and services, and to compete successfully in the competitive energy service industry. They are striving to create greater value for their customers, fulfillment for their employees and profitable growth for their investors.

In The Community

CH Energy Group has a long-standing tradition of good corporate citizenship and a strong commitment to environmental health and safety. The company and its employees work continually to improve the quality of life in the communities where we do business.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Central Hudson's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets forth the commitment of CH Energy Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries to conduct our daily business with our shareholders, customers, suppliers, government authorities and each other in accordance with the highest ethical standards and all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Residential Customer Rights and Responsibilities

Central Hudson values having you as a customer and wants to continue to be your energy delivery service provider in the years ahead. Our goal is to continue to provide you with the lowest possible price and the highest level of customer service. Your satisfaction is of great importance to us.

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