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Who knew that helping people switch electricity suppliers would be my dream job… ?

So, the Chicago Tribune announced their Top Workplaces in Chicago list yesterday, with one GLARING omission. Ahem, Power2Switch was not on the winners’ list. Wth? Clearly there was some sort of clerical error. (Or someone forgot to fill out the entry form.) In any case, here’s why we at P2S wholeheartedly deserve to be the winners:

  • We don’t “sell” anything, and people actually make money when they use our service to switch electricity suppliers. We genuinely help people. How many companies can claim that? And actually mean it?
  • I never thought I’d say this with a straight face, but I actually *really* like coming into work. These are not only some of the funniest people I know, but they’re also whip smart (like, Northwestern, Princeton, and U of Chicago smart. No word on the U of Michigan and Michigan State grads) and extremely hard-working. (Just don’t tell them I said that. We need to keep them humble.)
  • This is the first place I have ever worked where I don’t have to spin anything (read: lie) when marketing what we do. We all truly believe in what we do and it shows on all of our faces. It’s a pretty cool feeling, I must say.
  • We don’t have a shower in our office, or a bike room, and the elevator is really crappy (pardon the term, but it’s fitting), but we do have a designated place with a super comfy couch for nursing mommies (that’s me!), which I have appropriately deemed “The Moo Room.” Thanks Jamail (and the rest of you guys) for looking out for my little one and making sure I visit the Moo Room each day, particularly when I’m feeling very uncow-like.

(Insert gratuitous cute baby photo HERE:)

  • Our CEO makes all decisions based purely on what Siri suggests. (At least when it comes to where to eat for lunch. And whether he should wear a tie.)
  • Someone is always bringing in some really unhealthy treats, either chocolate-based or of the glazed variety. I may lapse into a diabetic coma and lose all my teeth, but my sugar high will be properly sustained here at Power2Switch.
  • We have a former college football quarterback on staff, so our flag football team is going to kick some serious booty come springtime. And, while not a zip line by any stretch, the nerf hoop in our office does get quite a bit of play.
  • The guys in the office get to participate in group therapy about their wives (and babies and dogs), and I get to tell them how wrong they all are and when they should be buying some flowers. Or diamonds, when times are really tough.
  • We have the perfect blend of Fact Finders, Follow Throughs, and Quick Starts, per the Kolbe A Index findings.
  • The lifetime supply of free electricity. Surely one of our suppliers can hook that up, right? Guys?
  • We are all equally excited to talk about deregulation and municipal aggregation. Or any other words that end in “-tion.” Dorks much?
  • Lastly — and I never thought I would see this day — we all finally understand how to read our ComEd bills!

Yep. A typical day at the Power2Switch office… we work very closely together! One big happy desk (we wouldn’t have it any other way), which lends itself to much collaboration and impromptu brainstorming. Jamail (aka Jamaica, according to Android autocorrect) is looking especially happy today, hmm? Particularly given that he has three kids at home under the age of five. Seyi is busy consulting with Siri, whilst humming to Adele, about our next strategic opportunity. That’s Jake (my fellow Fact Finder buddy old pal) in the blue shirt, contemplating something assuredly profound, as always. Chris is communicating with all of his home appliances to make sure his house isn’t on fire. And there’s Phil, looking entirely out of place in his tie — and woah — cufflinks. (Ok, he was on TV yesterday, so we’ll give him a pass.) That empty spot is where I sit. Well, me and Earl Grey. How lucky am I??



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