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‘What’s Scary vs. What’s Not Scary’ and other ideas

Power2Switch is a marketing and sales company. We just play in an industry that most other people don’t — the electricity industry. Along with simplifying the complex world of supplier rates, we have to educate consumers about the nuances of deregulation. And we also have to sell this to as many people as possible. To do this we now have to translate the fears we’ve heard from our thousands of customers into compelling advertisements. And this is where it gets hairy for me personally…

I don’t consider myself creative. But sitting in a room with Phil and Alexa, mulling ad ideas and finding compelling ad images brought out some of the creativity lurking deep — very deep — within. I downloaded Penultimate and sketched some of the ideas on my commute home that day. I share and explain the ‘sparks of inspiration’ that we will no longer be using below. (I use the word ‘inspiration’ loosely.) We decided to go a different direction with our ads (which you will start seeing everywhere in a few weeks!).

Who doesn’t think clowns are scary (Stephen King’s “It’ anyone?). This ad sketch plays off the negative space design of our new logo in highlighting our customers’ fears. It says ‘Scary/Clowns, Not Scary/Switching suppliers, go to Power2Switch’

This one says: ‘What’s scary/death, what is not scary/switching suppliers with Power2Switch’

The next set of sketches highlight everyone’s ability to control their electricity bill.

What you can’t control/Time, what you can control/your electricity bill. Compare and Save at Power2Switch.com’ and the one below ‘What you can’t control/Children, what you can control/Reducing your electricity costs. Compare at Power2Switch’.

And what would ads for the Chicago market be without some cultural references placed in ‘odd’ circumstances…The one below is of ‘The Bean/Cloud Gate’ and it says ‘Electricity bills giving you indigestion? Compare prices and save at Power2Switch’.



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