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Whatchoo you talkin’ bout, Phil-is??

So, this really has absolutely nothing to do with switching electricity suppliers in Illinois or Texas or ComEd or Ameren or otherwise, but if there’s anything that merits an impromptu blog post, it is THIS mind-blowing morsel of information!

Today, we learned that our esteemed colleague, Phil Nevels, is in fact…  a royal. And, I’m not talking about the loverly Earl Grey-sipping, ginormous-hat-wearing, throne-perched British Royals. This goes way beyond that. I’m talking about a legacy that shaped our generation’s formative years, our perceptions about who we were, how we wanted to be, and how we treated others.

Turns out Phil is related to… yes, an American icon.

If Phil weren’t such an (ahem) honest, upstanding citizen, I wouldn’t have believed it for a second (and didn’t, frankly, until he proudly produced this old photo. That he keeps with him at all times. In his wallet. Laminated.)


Yes, here is Philip Nevels, COO of Power2Switch, pictured with his cousin:

Recognize that guy standing next to him? Yep, that’s GARY-freaking-COLEMAN! Or, as we know him better, it’s our buddy Arnold from Diff’rent Strokes!!!! How awesome is that?!?

(Phil, I’ll never look at you the same again. I’m simply in awe. Pure and utter awe.)

So, the next time you see Phil…   I think you all know what to say.


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