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What Does The Jargon On My Comed Bill Mean?

Since we started the residential switching service we’ve heard this question over and over again:

‘what do these lines on my Comed bill mean?’

We heard it from our small commercial clients and we could answer their questions individually. But we realized it would be best to provide our residential customers a detailed explanation. Call it our “Comed bill reference guide’. It’s also on the Comed site but we’ve used simple English (where possible) so you can also become an expert on these things…It’s a bit long but should provide you all you need.

Here goes…

Starting from the left side of the Sample Bill:

Your Usage Profile (13-month usage) Total KWhChart showing how much electricity you used in the last month.

Electricity Usage – The chart (above) shown in numbers.

KwH (Kilowatt per hour) – Is the standard measure of electricity used (think of it like miles per gallon)

Account Number – A unique customer identification number (just like you have one for your bank account)

Service Address – If the electricity is for your home then it’s your home address. If it’s for your business then it’s your business address.


Phone Number – Primary phone number provided by customer


Issue Date – Date bill was created.


Previous Balance – Previous bill amount


Total Payments – A summary of payments received since the last bill. It’s zero if you paid your bill, negative if you didn’t.

Amount Due/Due Date – Amount you owe the electricity company and when the payment sis due


Meter Number – Customer’s unique meter identification number (some customers, mainly businesses, have multiple meters)


Load Type – Type of service rendered – all residential customers are general service. For the commercial segment there are different types (more details in next blog post)


Meter Reading Type

  1. Actual – usage data from your meter when Comed have come out and read your meter.
  2. Customer – usage data from the meter when you’ve read your meter yourself.
  3. Estimated – estimated usage data based on your historical usage (that chart above)


Multiplier X – A factor applied to usage readings for certain kinds of meters to accurately determine usage.  Comed determines this mystery X number


Usage – The difference between what you used before, what your meter reads now multiplied by the ‘X’ that applies to your meter type (measured in KwH)


Customer Rate – Your service classification (similar to how much you’re charged based on your ‘phone plan’)


Electricity Supply Charge – A charge for electricity provided during the billing period. NOTE: THIS IS WHAT CHANGES WHEN YOU SWITCH TO A NEW SUPPLIER!!!


Transmission Services Charge – A ‘toll’ charge for transmission system cost during the billing period.

Purchased Electricity Adjustment – A charge or credit to ‘true-up’ the cost of electricity supplied. It’s for balancing the books.

Customer Charge – A monthly charge to recover part of Comed’s cost.

Standard Metering Charge – A charge for the cost of the meter, meter reading and other metering services.


Distribution Facilities Charge – Another ‘toll’ charge for costs incurred by the electricity provider for delivering electricity to you.


Smart Meter Program – An approved pilot to evaluate smart meter technology


Environmental Cost Recovery Adjustment – A charge or credit related to the recovery of certain environmental cleanup costs.


Energy Efficiency Program – A charge to fund the smart ideas portfolio of energy efficiency incentives mandated by law.


Franchise Cost – A fee to recover costs related to the franchise agreement between the electricity supplier and the customer’s municipality.


State TaxA state or local tax levied upon customers

Message Center – marketing and account specific messages placed on the bill. We’re hoping to get some more information on here for you.

And that’s it (long I know). Your reference guide for when you’re not quite sure what is going on with your bill.

Let us know what you think, does it make sense?

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