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What does being ‘green/sustainable’ mean to you?

With all this talk of “going green” it has me thinking; why exactly hasn’t it been more successful?  With the evidence pertaining to the positive benefits of green energy and sustainability as well as the negative repercussions of not doing so, how could it be bad?  Perhaps, it could be lack of knowledge and true understanding of the meaning that has people befuddled?

green footprint

Sustainability and “going green” can influence several different aspects of a person’s life which could cause concern. But it was at that very same moment I had realized the real answer to my question… Why do so many consumers to go to a place such as McDonalds when they know the dangers of fast food?  Why do  people hop in their cars and drive five to ten minutes as opposed to walking or taking public transit? My thinking is that more than anything else in this world, we as humans have become too accustomed to convenience.   It is the reason why we pay five dollars for one can of pop at Six Flags Great America.  It is the reason we shop online and pay astronomical shipping fees (when you don’t shop on Zappos that is).

The truth is the very things we do for convenience may not be so convenient after all.  You can spend a longer time being stuck in traffic on a street in Chicago than walking.  Recycling is not only good for the environment, but can be beneficial to your wallet as well.  Sustainable energy that comes from solar/solar panels can save you on your electric bill while simultaneously helping the to continue to sustain.   We all know there is such a thing as convenience stores, but has our entire world as a whole become solely based upon convenience? If so, be smart about your convenience.  “Going green” and sustainability are not merely words on a page, but can be a way of life.  See what they mean to you and do something about it. Every little action helps.

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