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WGN-Chicago Features Power2Switch

We were featured on WGN-Chicago this past Friday, August 3, 2012 as part of a segment called “Websites, apps for going green”! WGN’s segment highlighted websites and apps that would give people the power to go green. Power2Switch was featured along side two apps, Locavore and iRecycle. Locavore is a free app that helps people eat local. iRecycle is a free app that offers people information on how to recycle anything in their household. We were featured at the beginning of the segment, which was pretty awesome! Elyse Russo was energized when she talked about Power2Switch and deemed us “really cool”! She had our website up on the screen explaining to viewers how we give people the power to choose and shop for their electricity provider. She did a quick demo by entering a zip code on the site to get the process started, highlighted the comparison of electricity rates and renewable energy options, and shined a light on Power2Switch by saying we are “like an Orbitz for your electricity”. This was an awesome moment in the segment for the Power2Switch team. Orbitz redefined the way people shop for their airline tickets. At Power2Switch we strive to not only redefine the way people shop for their electricity, but also to re-imagine the way we engage with our energy on a daily basis.

In case you missed the segment, you can watch a video or read the highlights from WGN-Chicago.

As we re-imagine the way people engage with energy and continue to raise awareness of deregulation, we are working to create “social value” in the energy industry by redefining the way people give: one kilowatt of kindness at a time. We are currently working on a new initiative called Kilowatts of Kindness. You can learn more about this initiative and give us feedback by checking out our submission in the Good Maker challenge this month. We invite you to check back for more information as we work to further define this initiative and launch our experiment for Kilowatts of Kindness at the end of the month.

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