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Welcome to Power2Switch 2.0

Hello and nice to meet you all. I’m Chris Karr and I joined Power2Switch earlier this summer to serve as the company’s technology guy. I’ve been having a great time working with the P2S team, and I’m pleased to introduce you to the second major iteration of the Power2Switch website.

The goal behind the rebuild of the Power2Switch platform was to erect a foundation for future enhancements & services that allowed us to be more agile and responsive to our customers, supplier partners, and the energy market in general. While the former Power2Switch performed its task well, we were continually running into limits imposed by the legacy ASP.Net infrastructure.

The new Power2Switch uses the Django web framework with a healthy mix of jQuery for user interactivity. In practical terms, this allows us to maintain and improve the site much more rapidly than before. It has already dramatically lowered the time it takes for us to build new features. Our newfound flexibility has lifted the limits on what we could do before.


A good example of this is the new residential rate selector. On the old site, customers could review a static list of offerings and go from there. Our presentation was as functional as a paper printout. The selector allows you to sort and filter rates by the criteria that are important to you. Where the older site imposed a practical limit on the number of suppliers and plans we could present, the new site allows us to present many more rates to our residential customers with the tools to help them find the right plan for them. In the coming weeks, we look forward to introducing more new features and tools to enhance your Power2Switch experience. (Stay tuned.)

While I’m pleased that we’re up and running with the new site, I would also like to warn you that there are still rough edges and places that need work. If you run into an issue, please don’t hesitate to report it us using the blue feedback widget on the left. With your help, we’ll continuously iterate this site and these issues will disappear quickly. If you have any additional feedback, please don’t be shy about sharing that as well.

Thanks giving me this opportunity to be of service, and I look forward to sharing site updates and new features in the weeks ahead.

Special thanks to Big Thumb Media for the visual design and e.g. for help with the copy and editing.

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