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There’s no place like home…

“Todo, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore” an iconic line from the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy’s house is located in Liberal, Kansas and of course, the Land of Oz is behind the house where visitors can meet the Cowardly Lion and the Wizard.

Our next stop, not in fantasyland, but in the United States of Energy data series is Kansas. Ranked number 18 in residential electricity prices averaging $10.03 Megawatts per hour. Major electric power plants in the state include natural gas and coal. The Anadarko Shelf in southwestern Kansas contains the Hugoton Gas Area, one of the top producing natural gas fields in the United States. Kansas ranks among the top 10 states in crude oil production. While Kansas is also among the top 10 in wind-producing states, renewable energy generation contributes only minimally to the State’s electricity supply.

Kansas doesn’t just rank high in crude oil and wind-producing states, Kansas is actually the top producing state of wheat in the United States. In fact, Sumner County is known as the Wheat Capital of the World. Kansas produced a record of 492.2 million bushels of wheat in 1997, enough to make 35.9 billion loaves of bread.

Did you know? People from Kansas are considered Kansans.

It’s said that Kansans love their state so much, that “there is no place like home”!

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