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The concept is simple

When Seyi, the CEO of Power2Switch, first explained the motivation behind the company, his answer was simple. His goal was to change the way Illinois business owners access electricity suppliers. Very interesting I thought. Granted, we had literally just gotten married, and I knew this business would be a huge investment of time and energy (pun intended). So let’s just say I asked a lot of questions and he did a lot of explaining.

If you haven’t already visited the site (www.power2switch.com), the concept is simple: in the same manner that you can go online and get auto insurance quotes, Power2Switch is a web portal that allows business owners (it will soon be available for residential consumers as well) to get quotes on electricity rates. As it turns out, this is not exactly a new idea. In the United Kingdom, the model of being able to access electricity suppliers online is pretty old news (Seyi actually spent several years working in the UK energy industry). In the US, Texas is often touted as the model student with respect to promoting transparency in the electricity industry and enabling consumers to know their options. Power2Switch is now endeavoring to bring that same concept to Illinois.

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