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The Sunshine State

Florida is known as the Sunshine state… I am sure there are very few people who don’t already know this! However, did you know that a Miami Beach pharmacist invented the first suntan cream in 1944 by cooking cocoa butter in a granite coffee pot on the stove?

Florida is ranked number 33, in our United States of Energy data series, in residential prices compared to 52 other US states averaging $11.44 Megawatts per hour. Florida’s electricity demand is one of the highest in the country, partly because of high air-conditioning use during the hot summer months and the widespread use of electricity for home heating during the winter months.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Florida was 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which was set on June 29, 1931 in Monticello. Although Monticello holds the record for hottest temperature in Florida, Key West has the highest average temperature in the United States. The coldest temperature was recorded on February 13, 1899 at -2 degrees Fahrenheit in Tallahassee.

Due to the lovely sunshine and mostly warm weather in Florida, it is a popular vacation destination. Orlando, home of Universal Studios and Disney World, attracts more visitors than any other amusement park destination in the United States. Orlando isn’t the only popular vacation destination, Key Largo is known as the Dive Capital of the World.

What’s your favorite destination to visit in Florida?

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