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The Rise Of The Smart House

Have you ever watched Disney Channel Original Movies? They were dramatic, teen-centric movies that played from the late 1990s- today. They’ve launched many careers and entertained kids for decades.

Well, one Disney Channel Original Movie seems to have previewed the future.

In 1999, there was the movie “Smart House” where a young computer whiz won a computerized home.  He re-programs the entire house and causes all sorts of chaos. Things got dicey for a bit, but hey, it’s a teen movie.

Anyways, we’re getting closer and closer to that point, at least with energy awareness. Wattio, a Spanish clean-tech start-up, recently raised over $100,000 on Indiegogo.

The main offering is the “SmartHome 360” which seeks to change the relationship between homeowners and their “SmartHomes”. They are offering a whole suite of products that enable a more symbiotic relationship between homeowners and their energy usage.

For $219, Wattio offers the whole shebang:

  1. Gate- which is a LCD in home display
  2. Thermic- which is a battery powered thermostat
  3.  Bat- which is an energy monitor that monitors and compares energy metrics
  4. Pod- which is a smart plug and offers control to turn on/off any device plugged in
  5. Software which piles and offers all the options in an user friendly interface

Wattio is the newest entrant in the high-flying clean-tech arena. They are taking on the big boys: Nest, Tendril and OPower. With such strong support from the crowd-funding community, Wattio might be on pace to shock the system.

With such a cohesive offering of energy products, they are certainly creating an energy smart house. Here at Power2Switch, we’re excited as we see  the increase in energy awareness and influx of smart technology impacting energy choices. The SmartHome 360 is definitely an interesting suite of products and this a great move for boosting energy awareness.   You can learn more about their Indiegogo campaign here, and check them out at wattio.com.





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