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The Hitchhikers Guide to Getting Sustainable Products

If you’re like me it takes you a few months at least to unpack and furnish a new place whether you’re renting or you just bought. Its part lethargy (‘I can work around these boxes for a few more weeks) or cash constraints (‘that lamp costs $20!! What the heck! I just paid gazillion dollars in deposit for this home!).

As we get closer to (or are in) the holiday period or you continue to furnish your place, tools like Pinterest allow you to browse and collate things that you absolutely have to get. But do you want to do the extra hard work required to find all the things you need to make sure all the products in your home are ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’? Most likely not. But you still want to go green. So we’ve done the work for you and below you can find a list of some sustainable products for your new home or to give as a gift. Don’t ever say we didn’t so anything for you J

Carpet cleaners (because we couldn’t find energy efficient carpets): http://www.oxifresh.com/green-energy

Sustainable home furniture: Haven’t verified this myself but will be checking out this provider for home furniture that is made from sustainable inputs http://www.buyenergyefficient.org/greenfurniture.aspx

Coffeemaker: want an extra dash of eco-friendliness with your coffee maker? Why not go for a French press coffeemaker? They tend to use no electricity, though you still need to boil the water used. Some options of French press coffee makers can be found here.

Speakers: not claiming to be the most acoustically amazing speakers out there but going for the title of most eco-friendly is this offering from Mollaspace called Pulpop. I got one and apart from the cool points you get there is something to be said for the simplicity of the design and the relatively good sound quality.

Vases: The combination of good design and sustainability is something we at Power2Switch love. So these vases by Branch fall right in our purview of products that make you feel good about your impact on the environment and you can show off to your friends.

Vampire Plugs: You do know those appliances that you leave connected to the plug even when they are ‘off’ are not really off? To make sure they are off and you are not using more electricity than you should, head over to IGo’s website and purchase these energy saving plugs that switch off equipment that have been off for a while but are still connected to plugs.

We’ll continue this list tomorrow as we ensure that you furnish your home this holiday season or get sustainable gifts to your friends and family

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