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The Energy Conservation Game: What’s Your Motive?

Prize wheel for electricity Not sure where you live, but here in Chicago you may have noticed it’s been a little hot this summer. (Um, understatement of ALL time.) To the point that I’m strongly considering investing in a few deodorant companies, because–hopefully–we’re all keeping them in business this summer.

It’s been so hot that the electric companies are advising you to conserve energy. Huh? Yep, it’s true. Perhaps they have the best interests of the planet in mind, but it also helps when they themselves are motivated by something rather significant: money. Yep, it seems that they’re being pressured by the government – with their requisite financial mandates – to keep all you air-conditioning addicts in check.

Whether through guilt, a little competition, or using a cute but grumpy kid to get the message across, utility companies are getting crafty with their marketing and pulling out all the stops to force you into energy-saving submission — to avoid blackouts and the like.

One of the largest utilities, Duke Energy, has gone the youtube route, with a series of videos promoting conservation featuring aforementioned grumpy cute kid. Take a look here
Other companies are tapping into your competitive spirit, plying you against your neighbors for the heavyweight title of energy efficient champ: Biggest Energy Saver. You can even win gift cards or “points” toward discounts at local restaurants and shops.
Whatever it takes to get people on the conservation bandwagon, I say. People are motivated by all different means, so it’s pretty smart of electricity companies to finally see the light (pardon the pun) and vary their approaches. Anymore it seems that it’s all about the incentive, and energy companies are now starting to get in on the game. And it appears to be working – people are switching off their lights at the promise of praise. Even if that praise comes in the form of a virtual pat on the back and a smiley face.

Check out the full article here, and then tell us in the comments below what kind of incentives would motivate you to turn that AC down a notch or two.




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