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The Electricity Bill: the Missed Opportunity for Consumer Education

Some mind-blowing data for you:

-       ~150M electricity bills are generated for US consumers monthly

-       This equates to $372B in revenue to retail electricity suppliers

And based on our continuous interactions with our customers:

-       96% consider the electricity bill as confusing or very confusing

So we chose to do what any company that truly cares about its customers would do. We set about redesigning the bill to ensure that with the right amount of information we would get consumers educated and empowered enough to make responsible decisions about their energy supplier. And with every initiative that is truly customer driven and industry changing the response we got was very indicative of the fact we’d hit a nerve. We got some coverage

And some great customer feedback, from social media, that helped further improve the product. Things we found out from this feedback


-       The electricity bill is the MOST SALIENT opportunity for utilities to engage with consumers to catalyze sustainable energy use behavior changes.

-       That opportunity presents itself at least once every month.

-       Consumer education and customer service are the two most important elements of how utilities can improve the perspective the consumers have of said Utility.

-       Utilities are being compelled by regulators to educate consumers

Our decision to solve the problem with the bill has now led to engagements with utilities looking to leverage our expertise to educate their consumers. Finding out that we are the only company focusing on design thinking to solve utility industry problems, utilities are asking for our expertise to ensure they can meet the needs of a fast changing type of customer; a customer that expects the utility to provide customer service like Starbucks or Zappos through both the web and mobile (image below). We are very proud of our focus on using design, data and technology to ensure that consumers make responsible decisions about their energy.

And oh, the last thing we learned from listening to consumers? It is good business for any organization to have educated and informed consumers.

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