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The Electric Wilderness

Canoeing with electricitySo my husband left me home with the kids (ages 1 and 2.5) for four whole days while he went camping and canoeing with his friends. Needless to say, there is no phone charger in a canoe (at least, not yet), and he wanted to check in with me to make sure I wasn’t beating my head against the wall, all alone with my two very spirited (read: maniacal) boys. Fortunately for him, his buddy brought along this very handy device from L.L. Bean. (No, they are not paying me to promote their products… but if they want to, I’m game!)

Solar powered radio and cell phone charger

It’s a solar powered radio/phone charger that you can also crank by hand to generate electricity. Pretty cool, right? So, while he was lazily drifting down the middle of the river, the only energy he had to expend was to give this little gadget a few cranks, and the phone would receive enough juice to give little ol’ me a call and talk me off the ledge. Technically, he never actually had to do this, since his phone never fully died, but theoretically he could have if the need presented itself. (At least the is what the product claims!) He did muscle up a few cranks to fracture nature’s calm with some tunes he “generated” for their fireside listening pleasure. With the availability of new-fangled amenities such as these, it kind of makes me want to brave the great outdoors myself… as long as there’s an air-conditioned motorhome and a babysitter in the picture, of course!




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