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Chesapeake Bay

Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay State, is ranked number 36 in our United States of Energy data series with residential electricity prices averaging $14.32 Megawatts per hour. Major electric power plants in the state include coal, hydroelectric, and natural gas with emissions primarily coming from natural gas.

Maryland’s only nuclear plant, the dual-unit Calvert Cliffs facility, supplies more than one-fourth of the electricity generated in the state. Calvert Cliffs is also home to some of the richest fossil deposits in Maryland. Speaking of fossils, an extinct snail was designated the official fossil shell in 1984. This creature, the Ecphora quadricostata, roamed the Chesapeake Bay for five to twelve million years ago. One of the snail’s shells was found in 1685 in St. Mary’s County. Apparently Maryland has a state dinosaur as well? The Astrodon johnstoni was named the official state dinosaur in 1998 and the first identified dinosaur in Maryland existing 130 million years ago.

The state is considered one of the most environmentally friendly states in the country, named as the fifth “greenest” state in the country by Forbes.com in 2007. Maryland forests cover approximately 2.7 million acres, or 43% of the states land surface with forty-seven operational State parks, including 7 parks with waterfront areas, covering 90,239 acres.

Have you ever visited Maryland and had the opportunity to visit any of the 47 state parks?

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