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The Birthplace of Aviation

Ohio is the Birthplace of Aviation, not to be confused with “First in Flight” from our United States of Energy North Carolina feature [link article]. In 2003, the US House actually voted to resolve any confusion and officially named Ohio the Birthplace of Aviation. Wilbur and Orville Wright, professional bicycle makers, invented the first airplane and they were from Dayton, Ohio. The birthplace of aviation also stems from the aerospace innovation hub in Dayton, Ohio.

Ohio is the next stop in our United States of Energy data series ranking number 28 in residential electricity compared to 52 other US states averaging $11.32 Megawatts per hour. Major electric power plants include coal, hydroelectric, and natural gas with coal and natural gas as the primary source of emissions. In August 2003, a transmission failure in Ohio led to the largest blackout in North American history.

Did you know? Cleveland became the world’s first city to be lighted by electricity in 1879.

Ohio has many other “firsts” such as the first traffic light in 1914, in Cleveland in addition to the first installation of a pedestrian button for crossing the street safely. Akron, Ohio was the first city to use police cars. Cincinnati had the first professional city fire department and the first ambulance service.

Share any other fun facts you know about Ohio!

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