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A Word Of Caution for Chicago’s Tech Community…

It’s still a great time to be working on a startup in Chicago.  Companies are getting funded and new ideas are being presented at events like BIC Launch and Technori pitch. But for how long? Thoughts on the ‘future’ of the Chicago startup community came from having a conversation with a friend working on his […]

The $100 Billion Market You Didn’t Know Exists

Electricity Deregulated States

Originally posted on the Huffington Post Blog Energy gets a lot of mention but only as it relates to fuel to power our cars and how the price always seems to be going up. Electricity and gas for our homes also get some mention but only when the lights go out. What is not shared, […]

What To Do If You’re In Tech/Startupland And Not Going To SXSW

Everyday Im Hustling

It’s the annual pilgrimage to Austin’s SXSWi (South By Southwest Interactive) for what is fast becoming a bloated expression of all that the people who are not in technology detest about the industry: postulation (in the form of panels) and self-promotion (in the form of product launches). And I say this as someone who went […]

‘I Don’t Know What I’m Doing’


‘I Don’t Know What I’m Doing’ Now you’ve said that out loud/read that don’t you feel much better? It’s actually OK to admit that sometimes you have no clue what you are doing. Can you now turn to the person sitting next to you and say it out loud? That would be uncomfortable wouldn’t it? […]

To Startups From A Startup: Why Learning to Code is Overrated

Coding for a Startup, Power2Switch

It’s feeling really good to be involved in the tech scene right now. Or so folks on the outside think. Not since the heydays of Goldman Sachs’ $100M has any sector been looked upon with such envy.