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Power2Switch and Mayor Marty Moylan on Municipal Electricity Aggregation in Des Plaines. (Or Not.)

Mayor Marty Moylan of Des Plaines Discusses His Concerns About Municipal Aggregation

We had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Marty Moylan of Des Plaines a few weeks ago when we appeared on the WCPT’s Norman Goldman Radio Show. The mayor was kind enough to chat with me recently about his take on municipal electricity aggregation.

What Smart Meters Don’t Do

A lot has been said about ComEd’s rate hike in the last few weeks. We also witnessed Mayor Rahm discuss the rate hike at a press conference a few weeks ago (http://bit.ly/zDvKVm). All this news has led to more questions/confusion on what the upgrade of the grid means for the average individual and the usefulness/benefits […]

ComEd Rate Hike 2011: Smart is a Subjective Term


Yesterday, Phil and I attended a press conference that Mayor Rahm Emanuel held with ComEd’s president, Anne Pramaggiore, related to hiring that will take place as a result of the smart grid initiatives. If you recall from our previous blogs, a ComEd rate hike will phase in this year, intended to cover the costs associated […]

Understand Your Electricity Bill: the Secret to Saving on your Energy Consumption

Several tools can help you understand your energy consumption, one of which being smart meters. Smart meters collect real-time data on electricity consumption unlike home energy monitors which simply report total power usage. Furthermore smart meters allow for remote, two way communication and do not necessitate being read monthly by an individual who walks from house to […]

What Does The Jargon On My Comed Bill Mean?

Comed Bill 1

Since we started the residential switching service we’ve heard this question over and over again: ‘what do these lines on my Comed bill mean?’ We heard it from our small commercial clients and we could answer their questions individually. But we realized it would be best to provide our residential customers a detailed explanation. Call it […]