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Chicago: So Easy To Love (Time lapse video)

We’re so happy to call Chicago home (and Power2Switch HQ) and it’s so easy to see why in this short visually stunning time lapse video of the city. You wonder where Chris P Zero had to be standing or what he was flying in to get the amazing shots in his Places in Time video. […]

‘Futurecasting’ and the Energy Industry


A lot is being said about how the world will change in all aspects of our lives. Futurecasters are envisioning a world where the individual will be at the center of products and services that fully understand what we want and need at a level that is far more intuitive than we can even begin […]

How Electricity Grew Up Part 4: Back to the Future

One Billion

Welcome to the last installment of this 4 part series.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve covered 120 years’ worth of the history of the electrical grid – from Thomas Edison’s Pearl Street Station to the rise of retail electricity choice in the last decade.  (You may want to check out the previous articles – […]

ComEd Rate Hike 2011: Smart is a Subjective Term


Yesterday, Phil and I attended a press conference that Mayor Rahm Emanuel held with ComEd’s president, Anne Pramaggiore, related to hiring that will take place as a result of the smart grid initiatives. If you recall from our previous blogs, a ComEd rate hike will phase in this year, intended to cover the costs associated […]

Google PowerMeter Shutdown. What next for Energy Information management?


Google has been in the news a lot in the last few days. The news about Google most people are interested in though is the antitrust investigation. Less mention is being given to the announcement made on the Google blog about the shutdown of Powermeter and Google Health. The Powermeter shutdown is one we at […]

Congratulations to Power2Switch!!

We’re actually congratulating ourselves. A bit immodest but one needs to do these things once in a while. And we have good reason to. Three good reasons. Actually five but we’ll have to wait to share the other two. What we can share is that January was good for us in terms of customer signups […]

Take the Chicago Green Office Challenge!!

We realized that the list of companies that have been recognized in the Chicago Green Office Challenge is wholly made up of big companies. Really big ones. http://www.chicagogreenofficechallenge.org/pages/take_the_challenge… But there are more small companies/businesses than big ones and we’d love to see more small companies on this list. So what are we doing about it? We’re sharing […]

This electricity thing Part 2

The Power

  The definition of the Smart Grid varies depending on who you are talking to. It basically means a more responsive, customer centric electricity industry. But for adoption of the products/services the grid will offer, you and I have to understand in more depth. This is where I think the utilities trying to force these […]

Blog Series/KIVA for Small Businesses in the US


To state that the ‘experts’ make it hard for us to understand this whole ‘smart grid’ business would be like saying the Chicago Bears have stopped surprising us and are starting to lose i.e. they are just doing as they know how. To rectify this issue, with the experts not the Bears, we’ll be running […]