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Biking for Light… and Freedom


Gotta hand it to those Brazilians. They’ve come up with a pretty smart idea to keep prisoners active, promote good health, AND save money on electricity.

Appliance Euthanasia: Recycle, Reuse, or Revive?


Here at Power2Switch, we’re always a little torn between promoting energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices. — which may sound like one and the same, but really aren’t. Do we buy a new appliance that uses less energy by design, or do we use the one we have until it dies, so we’re not contributing […]

Join the movement!

So, as we said a few weeks ago, we signed up to give 1% of our revenues to sustainability. And we’re just one of over a thousand businesses doing this around the world. We’re all committed to a cause that we’re hoping the big players also decide to take up: keeping our planet in good […]

Supporting Recycling at the Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival

I had a blast at the Jazz Festival listening to the amazing music of Nicole Mitchell (Artist in Residence) and her Black Earth Ensemble playing songs from ‘Arc of O’. Fab way of spending a Sunday afternoon. Also amazing for Power2Switch was the opportunity ‘To do good by doing something’ (paraphrasing Yves Chouinard). We partnered […]