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How Your Facebook Usage Affects Our Planet

Facebook Energy Mix Infographic

Do you use facebook? Yep, I figured as much. Just thought you might like to know, that in Facebook’s eyes, you are more or less the equivalent of a latte. Or three bananas. Or a couple glasses of wine. (Preferably red. Barolo, anyone?) At least when it comes to Facebook’s carbon footprint, that is. For […]

5 Small Business Efficiency tips

Image courtesy http://bit.ly/gpIlPa

There’s a lot of doing things all by yourself when you’re starting a business or running a small one. As a small business owner/starter (as defined by Jason Fried) you have to wear multiple hats. Image courtesy http://bit.ly/gpIlPa So the key is to find tools that help you along as you become a better marketer, […]