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Kudos to Hudson, New York!

More Proof that it is possible to Save Money and Go Green at the same time! WAMC Northeast Public Radio reported that the city of Hudson, New York has chosen a new electric supplier.  Feel free to follow this link to read more of the details about this story – http://www.wamc.org/post/city-electricity-goes-green-june.  My intent is not […]

The Three Main Drivers In The Energy Industry (according to Power2Switch)

Power2 switch view on energy booth talk from Seyi Fabode Energy is the buzz word du jour. Talking about energy is not a new concept. Certainly, ‘energy independence’ has been a buzz phrase for decades. And yet now, energy is always accompanied by other modifying word accoutrements: solar energy, bioenergy, hydroelectric energy, clean energy and […]

Imagine Solar Roadways..

..,solar roadways that harness the power of the sun while you drive over them, transfer that energy to the grid to generate electricity for homes/businesses, warm your sidewalks to melt the frozen snow and enable you to charge your electric vehicle almost anywhere? Just imagine…Pretty intersting idea by this engineer and counsellor couple who might […]

How Green Is Your Internet (Infographic Video)

Really, how green is your internet?  

The Love of Money is the Root of All…Green?

We live in a day in age where there is a lot of talk about the importance of being “green”. Rightly so, much of the focus has been on the harm that the burning of fossil fuels has done to our environment, and a need to reduce our (the human) impact on this fragile ecosystem […]

Biking for Light… and Freedom


Gotta hand it to those Brazilians. They’ve come up with a pretty smart idea to keep prisoners active, promote good health, AND save money on electricity.

Don’t Expect Relief Any Time Soon In the Cost of Your Electricity

Electric Bills Will Continue to Rise

You heard it here: Your electricity bills will continue to increase. But don’t take our word for it. The electricity industry “experts” have spoken. At least 90% of them attest to higher energy costs, with half of that 90% indicating that bills will rise “significantly.” The term “significantly” refers to a ballpark of around 10%, […]

ComEd Electricity Rate Cut + ComEd Electricity Rate Hike = No Soup For You!

ComEd electricity rates cut that hikes

Hear ye, hear ye! Have some really great news for all of you ComEd electricity customers! ComEd has cut its electric rate for the summer! Woo hoo!

AMAZING news, right?? Thanks to ComEd, you’ll soon be rolling in the money, and dreaming of the many ways you can spend all those bills!

What Smart Meters Don’t Do

A lot has been said about ComEd’s rate hike in the last few weeks. We also witnessed Mayor Rahm discuss the rate hike at a press conference a few weeks ago (http://bit.ly/zDvKVm). All this news has led to more questions/confusion on what the upgrade of the grid means for the average individual and the usefulness/benefits […]

Residential Customers can now Switch From COMED in Illinois!

Ms Ohms

We’ve been asked one question over and over again since we started our electricity price comparison service for commercial clients in Illinois‘. And the question is ‘Can I buy my residential electricity from someone other than Comed?’. And our answer has always been ‘Soon’… And now SOON IS HERE! And we’re super excited to be able […]