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Freon: It’s Far From Free

Air conditioner and the price of freon

So, a few weeks back, my air conditioner decided it was due for a little time off, and it failed to give me any notice. One day it was on and the next day it was just… OFF. Painfully off, as the temps were soaring and in two days time it was to hit 100 degrees here in Chicago. Nice timing, A/C!

Appliance Euthanasia: Recycle, Reuse, or Revive?


Here at Power2Switch, we’re always a little torn between promoting energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices. — which may sound like one and the same, but really aren’t. Do we buy a new appliance that uses less energy by design, or do we use the one we have until it dies, so we’re not contributing […]

The Dracula of Vampires. (Reducing Energy Consumption Part 2)

Of all the appliances in your home which suck energy even while turned off, cable boxes waste more energy than refrigerators or even some air-conditioning systems. American companies demonstrate a lack of interest in improving the energy efficiency of cable boxes because they are afraid that customers would become annoyed at having to wait for […]

EduVideo 2: Cash and Sustainability benefits of Energy Saving light bulbs

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGvptb4Y7s0&w=640&h=390] Energy saving light bulbs cost a fair bit more than regular light bulbs, about $8 for an energy saving bulb against $4 for a regular bulb. The research says the energy saving light bulbs last longer (almost 10 times longer), produce more light (if that is what you want) and use less electricity. The […]

Take the Chicago Green Office Challenge!!

We realized that the list of companies that have been recognized in the Chicago Green Office Challenge is wholly made up of big companies. Really big ones. http://www.chicagogreenofficechallenge.org/pages/take_the_challenge… But there are more small companies/businesses than big ones and we’d love to see more small companies on this list. So what are we doing about it? We’re sharing […]

Tax Credits for energy star upgrades

This week’s tip is one that should put some money back in your pockets for buying Energy Star equipment for your business: Tax credits exist for utilizing Energy Star appliances in your commercial property: You or your commercial property management agent/company can apply for tax credits that give you money back for making energy efficiency […]