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How Green Is Your Internet (Infographic Video)

Really, how green is your internet?  

The Windmill Farmer by Joaquin Baldwin (Animated Short)

We absolutely love the hope and beauty of this animated video …

‘Futurecasting’ and the Energy Industry


A lot is being said about how the world will change in all aspects of our lives. Futurecasters are envisioning a world where the individual will be at the center of products and services that fully understand what we want and need at a level that is far more intuitive than we can even begin […]

How Your Facebook Usage Affects Our Planet

Facebook Energy Mix Infographic

Do you use facebook? Yep, I figured as much. Just thought you might like to know, that in Facebook’s eyes, you are more or less the equivalent of a latte. Or three bananas. Or a couple glasses of wine. (Preferably red. Barolo, anyone?) At least when it comes to Facebook’s carbon footprint, that is. For […]

Putting the “Green” in Astroturf

Sports stadium

We all know how much influence sports teams have on the American people. They don’t call some fans “rabid” for nothing. Well, it seems that the athletic industry is engaging those powers of persuasion for a worthy cause – the environment. From LEED certified stadiums, to harvesting solar energy, to water conservation and composting programs, the sports industry is taking huge steps toward creating a better planet for sports watchers and abstainers alike.

Want to Save on Electricity? Take a Shower.

Shower and Save on Electricity

I’m not really into celebrity gossip (ok, maybe just a little), but I recall reading a few years ago about Jennifer Aniston’s assertion that she takes only 3-minute showers, supposedly to conserve water and “help the environment.” That always kind of stuck with me, not only because I don’t believe her showers are really that […]

What Smart Meters Don’t Do…

A lot has been said about ComEd’s rate hike in the last few weeks. We also witnessed Mayor Rahm discuss the rate hike at a press conference a few weeks ago (http://bit.ly/zDvKVm). All this news has led to more questions/confusion on what the upgrade of the grid means for the average individual and the usefulness/benefits […]

Beware: Your House is Alive

Net Zero Energy Home

Recently Seyi (our friendly Chief Electricity Officer) forwarded this article to me about a Net-Zero-Energy home. After first glance, I thought, “Hmm, a house that generates electricity. Big whoop. Seen it. NEXT.” Then, something in the story struck me and I lapsed into English major mode, whereupon I thoroughly overanalyzed the story and produced some pretty seemingly random thoughts about the house.

Coal… it’s what’s for Xmas. Courtesy of ComEd.

ComEd Electricity Source Breakdown

If you’re like me, you rarely open — much less read — your mail anymore if you can help it; everything is done online nowadays (for the most part). I heard recently from one of our customers that ComEd had sent them some information about alternative energy suppliers, so I started opening my ComEd bills […]

The Dracula of Vampires. (Reducing Energy Consumption Part 2)

Of all the appliances in your home which suck energy even while turned off, cable boxes waste more energy than refrigerators or even some air-conditioning systems. American companies demonstrate a lack of interest in improving the energy efficiency of cable boxes because they are afraid that customers would become annoyed at having to wait for […]