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What Smart Meters Don’t Do…

A lot has been said about ComEd’s rate hike in the last few weeks. We also witnessed Mayor Rahm discuss the rate hike at a press conference a few weeks ago (http://bit.ly/zDvKVm). All this news has led to more questions/confusion on what the upgrade of the grid means for the average individual and the usefulness/benefits […]

High Electric Bill? Your Email Address Might Be To Blame

Email provider affects electricity bills

Want to save $110 a year on your electricity? In addition to switching electricity suppliers, there’s yet another way to save money on your electric bills. Make the switch from Yahoo to Gmail!

Let’s do this again…Free Electricity For A Year!

Free Electricity Winner

Many of you may recall back in January when one lucky Power2Switch customer (Andrew Browder) won our “Free Electricity for a Year” Contest. True to our word, we’ve paid Andrews electricity bill for 6 months now! Since participation in our first contest was so high, we at Power2Switch have decided to do it again! Any customers […]

Power2Switch Reinvents the Electric Bill

New ComEd Electric Bill

Here at Power2Switch (and beyond), so much of our work revolves around solving problems. Helping you make financially and socially responsible decisions on your energy is of course our primary goal, but a major part of that process involves you truly understanding how exactly we are helping you. It’s one thing to be told you […]

Beware: Your House is Alive

Net Zero Energy Home

Recently Seyi (our friendly Chief Electricity Officer) forwarded this article to me about a Net-Zero-Energy home. After first glance, I thought, “Hmm, a house that generates electricity. Big whoop. Seen it. NEXT.” Then, something in the story struck me and I lapsed into English major mode, whereupon I thoroughly overanalyzed the story and produced some pretty seemingly random thoughts about the house.

Don’t Get Fooled By Airline Miles For Electricity!


We’re reposting this in light of recent marketing campaigns that are circulating in the Chicago area. Again, we can’t emphasize this enough: READ THE FINE PRINT!

PLEASE, we implore you — read your entire contract. Know what your “offer” is truly offering. It might not look so amazing in the fine print.

To Startups From A Startup: Why Learning to Code is Overrated

Coding for a Startup, Power2Switch

It’s feeling really good to be involved in the tech scene right now. Or so folks on the outside think. Not since the heydays of Goldman Sachs’ $100M has any sector been looked upon with such envy.

Power2Switch and Mayor Marty Moylan on Municipal Electricity Aggregation in Des Plaines. (Or Not.)

Mayor Marty Moylan of Des Plaines Discusses His Concerns About Municipal Aggregation

We had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Marty Moylan of Des Plaines a few weeks ago when we appeared on the WCPT’s Norman Goldman Radio Show. The mayor was kind enough to chat with me recently about his take on municipal electricity aggregation.

How Electricity Deregulation is Like Weaning a Breastfeeding Baby

My pictorial representation of breastfeeding. (I'm not the piranha.)

  So, all moms who breastfeed (and dads who aspire to as much) understand the dynamics associated with nursing a baby and then weaning said baby. It’s surprisingly complicated stuff, despite being all mother nature-y and whatnot. Heck, the act of nursing is much more difficult than you could ever imagine, with the whole latching […]

Power2Switch Free Electricity For a Year Contest WINNER!

Congratulations to Andrew Browder of Chicago, who has won free electricity for an entire year from Power2Switch!!! Way to go, Andrew — what a great way to kick off 2012!!