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Freon: It’s Far From Free

Air conditioner and the price of freon

So, a few weeks back, my air conditioner decided it was due for a little time off, and it failed to give me any notice. One day it was on and the next day it was just… OFF. Painfully off, as the temps were soaring and in two days time it was to hit 100 degrees here in Chicago. Nice timing, A/C!

Municipal Aggregation in Illinois: 5 Things You Should Not Ignore

So, if you live in any of the suburbs surrounding Chicago, you’ve probably at least heard the term municipal aggregation, if you’re not already knee-deep in it. In case you’re not aware, it’s essentially when the residents of a community band together, or aggregate, and purchase electricity as a group (and often through an energy […]

ComEd’s Competition: Spark, Champion and Direct Energy compete with ComEd for customers – WGN

ComEd’s Competition: Spark, Champion and Direct Energy compete with ComEd for customers – WGN. http://wgntv.vid.trb.com/player/PaperVideoTest.swf

EduVideo 2: Cash and Sustainability benefits of Energy Saving light bulbs

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGvptb4Y7s0&w=640&h=390] Energy saving light bulbs cost a fair bit more than regular light bulbs, about $8 for an energy saving bulb against $4 for a regular bulb. The research says the energy saving light bulbs last longer (almost 10 times longer), produce more light (if that is what you want) and use less electricity. The […]

Take the Chicago Green Office Challenge!!

We realized that the list of companies that have been recognized in the Chicago Green Office Challenge is wholly made up of big companies. Really big ones. http://www.chicagogreenofficechallenge.org/pages/take_the_challenge… But there are more small companies/businesses than big ones and we’d love to see more small companies on this list. So what are we doing about it? We’re sharing […]

EduVideo 1: Daylight Savings and your business

Happy New Year!!! Here’s wishing you and your business a prosperous 2011! To start things off this year, we’ll be providing some short (1min) educational videos. Here’s the first one: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrsQzCfnukM&w=480&h=390] Feel free to share your comments and opinions below. Related articles When was Daylight Saving first introduced (wiki.answers.com)

Daylight Savings: How much is it costing your small business?

Sleeping on the job

Like most people I have no issues with clock change when we ‘fall back’ but I always seem to really need that extra hour when we ‘spring forward’. And like most people the point is still lost to me (I hear farmers are the ones who really need it). Anyway, one thing I do know […]

Blog Series/KIVA for Small Businesses in the US


To state that the ‘experts’ make it hard for us to understand this whole ‘smart grid’ business would be like saying the Chicago Bears have stopped surprising us and are starting to lose i.e. they are just doing as they know how. To rectify this issue, with the experts not the Bears, we’ll be running […]

You should buy electricity just like you buy milk!


Well, maybe not exactly. But the similarities beg for a deeper assessment. Common sense tells us that choosing a new electricity supplier isn’t the same selection process as choosing what store from which to buy our groceries. But at the core of it the two purchasing decisions are practically the same. You choose between Jewel, Dominicks, Whole […]

Peak? Off Peak?

It’s the middle of the week and what better way to get you over the hump than by sending a short email with a tip on how you can continue to reduce that pesky electricity bill? This week’s tip is very effective and oft mentioned but seldom implemented: Use Non-critical equipment during off-peak hours. Peak […]