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Chicago: So Easy To Love (Time lapse video)

We’re so happy to call Chicago home (and Power2Switch HQ) and it’s so easy to see why in this short visually stunning time lapse video of the city. You wonder where Chris P Zero had to be standing or what he was flying in to get the amazing shots in his Places in Time video. […]

GravityLight: A New Form of Lighting

Uses no batteries, is powered by gravity and even the bag it comes in is part of the sustainability focused design of the GravityLight. So happy to see that this project passed it’s indiegogo funding goal http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gravitylight-lighting-for-developing-countries

The Windmill Farmer by Joaquin Baldwin (Animated Short)

We absolutely love the hope and beauty of this animated video …

‘Futurecasting’ and the Energy Industry


A lot is being said about how the world will change in all aspects of our lives. Futurecasters are envisioning a world where the individual will be at the center of products and services that fully understand what we want and need at a level that is far more intuitive than we can even begin […]

The Love of Money is the Root of All…Green?

We live in a day in age where there is a lot of talk about the importance of being “green”. Rightly so, much of the focus has been on the harm that the burning of fossil fuels has done to our environment, and a need to reduce our (the human) impact on this fragile ecosystem […]

State Of Renewable Energy In The USA (INFOGRAPHIC)

Cleaner Energy_Power2Switch

We at Power2Switch are constantly on the lookout for information to educate ourselves on the electricity industry in the US. And, like the good citizens that we are, we share this information with our friends (you) in a more digestible format than we found it. Don’t ever say we don’t do anything for you. The infographic below […]

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp… Filled with LEDs!

A Christmas Story...  Leg Lamp with LEDs

  On this eve of Christmas, We thought we’d spread a little holiday cheer, With this festive little infographic, About a leg lamp and some LEDs to ring in a bright New Year!   (click to enlarge)

[INFOGRAPHIC] It’s a Wonderful Light… Bulb

Saving by switching electricity suppliers

Because we’re of the giving kind here at Power2Switch, we have to offer up the city of Chicago props/thumbs-up/fist bump/high-five/or whatever you prefer for saving some serious cash this holiday season. Check out the infographic below to see how much the city can stuff into its proverbial mattress during the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, thanks […]


Have your electricity bills paid for a year


Appliance Euthanasia: Recycle, Reuse, or Revive?


Here at Power2Switch, we’re always a little torn between promoting energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices. — which may sound like one and the same, but really aren’t. Do we buy a new appliance that uses less energy by design, or do we use the one we have until it dies, so we’re not contributing […]