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GravityLight: A New Form of Lighting

Uses no batteries, is powered by gravity and even the bag it comes in is part of the sustainability focused design of the GravityLight. So happy to see that this project passed it’s indiegogo funding goal http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gravitylight-lighting-for-developing-countries

Utilities and Their Customers: No Love Lost There

I’m pretty sure this bit of info won’t come as much of a surprise to you, my dear reader. It turns out, according to a recent national survey by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, that utilities are among the most “disliked” companies in America. Please, try to contain your shock. Not sure why they need […]


Have your electricity bills paid for a year


ComEd Rate Hike 2011: Switching Electricity Suppliers A Growing Trend Among ComEd Customers

ComEd Rate Hike Logo

As we reported last week, ComEd was recently given the green light to increase rates to fund smart meter installations and grid improvements, and (as an afterthought via a trailer bill introduced by Illinois Senator Don Harmon) ideally respond better to storm outages. While the rate increases will no doubt occur, the latter improvement remains […]

Power Costs and Other Expenses, How Can You Reduce Them?

Cutting Cost

The pesky thing about home expenses is that they are always there. When you reduce one expense (fewer bottles of soda) another expense very quickly pops up to replace it (that funny noise from the hood of your car turns into a full blown racket now you have to put the AC on). So what […]

Google PowerMeter Shutdown. What next for Energy Information management?


Google has been in the news a lot in the last few days. The news about Google most people are interested in though is the antitrust investigation. Less mention is being given to the announcement made on the Google blog about the shutdown of Powermeter and Google Health. The Powermeter shutdown is one we at […]

Let the Coupon/Groupon Wars Begin. Again.

Google launched it’s ‘Offers’ deal a day service in a few cities on Thursday. It’s basically another daily coupon service. Google is better funded than the 200 odd deal a day platforms out there so money won’t be a problem. But how will Google Offers compete in this crowded market? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQlq6B0ZFHY&feature=player_embedded] 1. Adwords powers deal-a-day ads […]

Why Are Gas Prices So High? And Four Simple Ways to Lessen the Impact

US liquid_imports by location 2010

This is a repost from last year, but sadly, it’s still all too relevant — if not more so! If you’ve bought gasoline in the last few days (anywhere in the USA) then you’ve paid close to or over $4/gallon. In some areas this is over 10 cents more per gallon than just over 2 […]

Determining Market Need (CCIST Innovation Seminar University of Chicago)

Presented on Determining Customer Needs at the University of Chicago Innovation Seminar earlier today: amazingly smart students (the intellectual rigor is alive and well!!!) and I learned as much as I hoped they did (probably more if I’m honest…) [slideshare id=7566328&doc=determiningmarketneedseyifabode-110408171239-phpapp01]

What Does The Jargon On My Comed Bill Mean?

Comed Bill 1

Since we started the residential switching service we’ve heard this question over and over again: ‘what do these lines on my Comed bill mean?’ We heard it from our small commercial clients and we could answer their questions individually. But we realized it would be best to provide our residential customers a detailed explanation. Call it […]