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What Does The Jargon On My Comed Bill Mean?

Comed Bill 1

Since we started the residential switching service we’ve heard this question over and over again: ‘what do these lines on my Comed bill mean?’ We heard it from our small commercial clients and we could answer their questions individually. But we realized it would be best to provide our residential customers a detailed explanation. Call it […]

Best Customer Feedback Message Ever!

Until someone sends us a customer feedback message that better articulates the user experience and provides insight on how to improve that experience then we will own the Best Customer Feedback Message Ever!! Ever!! Read the customer feedback email below (with our comments in italics) and let us know what you think… Image Courtesy of […]

The Customer Loves Me, The Customer Loves Me Not, The…

Image via Wikipedia The emotional benefits that your product/service provides to customers determine buying behavior. If your product does not pull at your customers heart strings, regardless of the economic or functional benefits, you will fail to convert them into paying customers. This will happen 100 times out of 100. Services or products provide an […]