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ComEd Does Not Want Your Business. (Well, At Least Part of It.)

Digging into ComEd's website

Following up on my recent post, Switching Electricity Suppliers: Where Are the Savings?  I thought I would pass along some info directly from “the Man” here in Illinois, also known as ComEd. Since most of you here likely don’t look at your bills (much less understand them – more on that here) I think I’d […]

Who knew that helping people switch electricity suppliers would be my dream job… ?

The Power2Switch Team hard at work lowering electricity bills...

So, the Chicago Tribune announced their Top Workplaces in Chicago list yesterday, with one GLARING omission. Ahem, Power2Switch was not on the winners’ list. Wth? Clearly there was some sort of clerical error. (Or someone forgot to fill out the entry form.) In any case, here’s why we at P2S wholeheartedly deserve to be the […]

ComEd Rate Hike 2011: ComEd announces a rate proposal that would cut bills. Using the term “cut” loosely. Very loosely.

ComEd Rate Increase

According to a recent Crain’s article, ComEd filed with state regulators to establish a new formula to set rates, and consumers will potentially see a decrease in rates for six months. Since most people have 5-second attention spans anymore (myself included) and therefore only read headlines, a majority will walk away with the following incorrect […]

Coal… it’s what’s for Xmas. Courtesy of ComEd.

ComEd Electricity Source Breakdown

If you’re like me, you rarely open — much less read — your mail anymore if you can help it; everything is done online nowadays (for the most part). I heard recently from one of our customers that ComEd had sent them some information about alternative energy suppliers, so I started opening my ComEd bills […]

ComEd Rate Hike 2011: Switching Electricity Suppliers A Growing Trend Among ComEd Customers

ComEd Rate Hike Logo

As we reported last week, ComEd was recently given the green light to increase rates to fund smart meter installations and grid improvements, and (as an afterthought via a trailer bill introduced by Illinois Senator Don Harmon) ideally respond better to storm outages. While the rate increases will no doubt occur, the latter improvement remains […]

ComEd Rate Hike: What it Means for Electricity Consumers

ComEd Rate Hike

As most of you’ve likely heard (since it’s splashed all over every local news outlet), ComEd’s rate hike bill was made official yesterday, promising to raise residential consumers’ bills by an average of $3/month. The rate hike will allow for the installation of smart meters throughout Northern Illinois, along with $1.3 billion in improvements to existing […]

Don’t Get Fooled By Airline Miles For Electricity!


We’re reposting this in light of recent marketing campaigns that are circulating in the Chicago area. Again, we can’t emphasize this enough: READ THE FINE PRINT! PLEASE, we implore you — read your entire contract. Know what your “offer” is truly offering. ***** Your ‘preferred’ airline emails you with a promise of 5000 miles and […]