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Want to Save on Electricity? Take a Shower.

Shower and Save on Electricity

I’m not really into celebrity gossip (ok, maybe just a little), but I recall reading a few years ago about Jennifer Aniston’s assertion that she takes only 3-minute showers, supposedly to conserve water and “help the environment.” That always kind of stuck with me, not only because I don’t believe her showers are really that […]

Utilities and Their Customers: No Love Lost There

I’m pretty sure this bit of info won’t come as much of a surprise to you, my dear reader. It turns out, according to a recent national survey by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, that utilities are among the most “disliked” companies in America. Please, try to contain your shock. Not sure why they need […]

ComEd Electricity Rate Cut + ComEd Electricity Rate Hike = No Soup For You!

ComEd electricity rates cut that hikes

Hear ye, hear ye! Have some really great news for all of you ComEd electricity customers! ComEd has cut its electric rate for the summer! Woo hoo!

AMAZING news, right?? Thanks to ComEd, you’ll soon be rolling in the money, and dreaming of the many ways you can spend all those bills!

Don’t Get Fooled By Airline Miles For Electricity!


We’re reposting this in light of recent marketing campaigns that are circulating in the Chicago area. Again, we can’t emphasize this enough: READ THE FINE PRINT!

PLEASE, we implore you — read your entire contract. Know what your “offer” is truly offering. It might not look so amazing in the fine print.

Power2Switch and Mayor Marty Moylan on Municipal Electricity Aggregation in Des Plaines. (Or Not.)

Mayor Marty Moylan of Des Plaines Discusses His Concerns About Municipal Aggregation

We had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Marty Moylan of Des Plaines a few weeks ago when we appeared on the WCPT’s Norman Goldman Radio Show. The mayor was kind enough to chat with me recently about his take on municipal electricity aggregation.

ComEd Rate Hike 2011: Smart is a Subjective Term


Yesterday, Phil and I attended a press conference that Mayor Rahm Emanuel held with ComEd’s president, Anne Pramaggiore, related to hiring that will take place as a result of the smart grid initiatives. If you recall from our previous blogs, a ComEd rate hike will phase in this year, intended to cover the costs associated […]

ComEd Does Not Want Your Business. (Well, At Least Part of It.)

Digging into ComEd's website

Following up on my recent post, Switching Electricity Suppliers: Where Are the Savings?  I thought I would pass along some info directly from “the Man” here in Illinois, also known as ComEd. Since most of you here likely don’t look at your bills (much less understand them – more on that here) I think I’d […]

Municipal Aggregation in Illinois: 5 Things You Should Not Ignore

So, if you live in any of the suburbs surrounding Chicago, you’ve probably at least heard the term municipal aggregation, if you’re not already knee-deep in it. In case you’re not aware, it’s essentially when the residents of a community band together, or aggregate, and purchase electricity as a group (and often through an energy […]

Who knew that helping people switch electricity suppliers would be my dream job… ?

The Power2Switch Team hard at work lowering electricity bills...

So, the Chicago Tribune announced their Top Workplaces in Chicago list yesterday, with one GLARING omission. Ahem, Power2Switch was not on the winners’ list. Wth? Clearly there was some sort of clerical error. (Or someone forgot to fill out the entry form.) In any case, here’s why we at P2S wholeheartedly deserve to be the […]

ComEd Rate Hike 2011: It’s no laughing matter…

  A funny-in-a-masochistic-kind-of-way cartoon from Crain’s today.