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What Does The Jargon On My Comed Bill Mean?

Comed Bill 1

Since we started the residential switching service we’ve heard this question over and over again: ‘what do these lines on my Comed bill mean?’ We heard it from our small commercial clients and we could answer their questions individually. But we realized it would be best to provide our residential customers a detailed explanation. Call it […]

5 Small Business Efficiency tips

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There’s a lot of doing things all by yourself when you’re starting a business or running a small one. As a small business owner/starter (as defined by Jason Fried) you have to wear multiple hats. Image courtesy http://bit.ly/gpIlPa So the key is to find tools that help you along as you become a better marketer, […]

Don’t Miss These Tax Changes: Entrepreneur.com

How to take advantage of the new legislation affecting your small business. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217811 By Mark Henricks |   January 4, 2011 Confused about what to do as you gather your boxes of receipts and prepare for the dreaded tax deadline in the coming months? This past year has brought several tax changes affecting small business owners, […]