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Google PowerMeter Shutdown. What next for Energy Information management?


Google has been in the news a lot in the last few days. The news about Google most people are interested in though is the antitrust investigation. Less mention is being given to the announcement made on the Google blog about the shutdown of Powermeter and Google Health. The Powermeter shutdown is one we at […]

75% Savings on I-Go Cars courtesy of Power2Switch!

IGoCar image

Power2Switch is partnering with I-GO Cars to give you 75% off the cost of signing up for Car Sharing!. It’s cost effective and is a surefire way to claim sustainability cred. Don’t say we don’t love you our friends and customers who read our blog/have taken up our service etc It’s Simple: Go to www.igocars.org/join/ and […]

Join the movement!

So, as we said a few weeks ago, we signed up to give 1% of our revenues to sustainability. And we’re just one of over a thousand businesses doing this around the world. We’re all committed to a cause that we’re hoping the big players also decide to take up: keeping our planet in good […]

1% for the planet (Do good by doing something)

In our belief that we should replenish the resources we take from our planet, POWER2SWITCH has just signed a commitment with 1% FOR THE PLANET (a not-for profit started by Patagonia’s Yves Chouinard) to donate 1% of our annual revenues to environmental causes we select through the organization. It’s our way of saying thank you […]