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Sweet Home Alabama

As we strive to make energy more interesting and engaging, we will be sharing State Energy Data throughout the months of October and November. We have visual data for all 52 states… so be prepared for some serious knowledge! As part of our United States of Energy series, we will be sharing facts related to energy consumption and cost while sharing some fun facts about each featured state. The main purpose of our State Energy visual data is to educate consumers on statewide energy resources, emissions, average price of electricity in a visual and fun way so that you can share this knowledge with your friends and family.

We are kicking off October with sweet home Alabama as our featured state of the day! Alabama ranks number 38 in residential prices compared to 52 other US states averaging $13.26 Megawatts per hour. Relying on coal as Alabama’s main energy resource, the state still sources coal from other states to meet roughly half of the State demand.

Alabama’s record high temperature, in 1925 was 112 degrees… I wonder what the cost of electricity was back then? Prior to the heat wave of 1925, Alabama had the world’s first Electric Trolley System, which was introduced in Montgomery in 1886. Many of the jobs available in Alabama in the 21st century, that played a large role in contributing to the state’s economy, were in aerospace and auto production, which I am sure contributed to high consumption in electricity.

What do you know about Alabama? Share other fun facts about Alabama!

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