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Super Bowl Power Outage- Who’s to Blame?

Hundreds of millions were literally left in the dark last night when the power went out three quarters into the Superbowl XLVII.  The Baltimore Ravens were leading 28 to 6. All the sudden – lights out. Dismayed viewers, attendees and players tried to pass the time for thirty-four minutes until the power came back on. Now less than 24 hours later, we wonder “what caused the big blackout?”Super Bowl Power Outage- Who’s to Blame?

First off, it was not caused by megastar Beyonce’s halftime show, says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Nor does this incident impact New Orleans’ ability to host future Super Bowl games. Stadium officials are looking further into the issue and conducting a ‘root cause analysis,’ but it seems that a piece of equipment is to blame.

Reports are saying the piece of equipment designed to monitor the electrical load either malfunctioned or sensed abnormalities, shutting down some of the power in the Superdome. Doug Thornton, senior vice president for stadiums and arenas at SMG, said of the halftime show, “It was not on our power grid at all.” In fact, power consumption actually decreased during halftime because the stadium lights were off. Take that, Beyonce haters.

Following the delay, the 49ers picked up their game and made a comeback, but it wasn’t enough. The Ravens won 34 to 31. Today, Goodell and other officials addressed questions about the event and how it will affect the NFL Super Bowl going forward. This year’s Super Bowl was the chance to showcase the stadium post Hurricane Katrina, and millions of dollars were spent upgrading the facilities including the electrical system according to Goodell. Both officials made clear that they are not blaming New Orleans or the Superdome for the interruption.

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