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Seyi Fabode of Power2Switch Talks Electricity with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Sec Steven Chu

Power2Switch meeting with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel What were you up this week? Well, it seems that our  Chief Electricity Officer, Seyi Fabode, is making some friends in high places. Turns out he had the honor of participating in a roundtable discussion on energy with none other than Chicago’s own, thee mayor Rahm Emanuel — along with U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. (Did I mention Steven and I share a birthday? That makes him a-ok in my book.) Still can’t figure out how Seyi manages to swing these impromptu meetings with the bigwigs, but apparently he has some “people” on the inside. (Don’t ask too many questions, if you know what I mean.)

In any case, the conversation centered around the energy industry and how the government can help each participating company better serve the consumers. Along with Power2Switch, companies represented comprised of Shaw Infrastructure, Ford, GM, Center For Neighborhood Technology, Clean Energy Trust, ComEd, University of Chicago / Argonne Labs and a fuel cell startup from IIT.

Each of the companies engaged with the mayor via an “ask,” (is it me, or does this term call to mind the Sopranos?) in which the representatives were able to share whats needed from the government (State and Federal) in achieving their respective goals. Like most companies, Power2Switch doesn’t have too many opportunities for group dates with the mayor; Seyi smartly took those precious few minutes to request an endorsement of Power2Switch from the City of Chicago, to help Power2Switch assist consumers in shopping for better electricity plans and to educate them about the energy industry. (Based on the camera shake evident in the attached photo, I’m guessing Seyi stealthily took it at the end of the roundtable. Or he had too much caffeine!)

As y’all know, if Power2Switch had a middle name, it would be “transparent,” with consumer friendly being a close runner-up. Seyi is now good pals with Rahm. And, with the city’s support, Power2Switch is that much further along in achieving its ongoing goal to save you lucky ducks money on your electric bills. All in a day’s work at Power2Switch, apparently. Kind of makes you wonder who is on Seyi’s meeting schedule next week, hm?!? Could it be Barack?? The Dalai Lama? The Pope? We’ll have to see if Seyi’s able to pencil them in.

Alexa Hughes is blogger extraordinaire for Power2Switch, a comparison-shopping site for consumers seeking lower electric rates, based out of Chicago. You can find Alexa on Twitter.

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