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Residential Customers can now Switch From COMED in Illinois!

We’ve been asked one question over and over again since we started our electricity price comparison service for commercial clients in Illinois‘. And the question is ‘Can I buy my residential electricity from someone other than Comed?’. And our answer has always been ‘Soon’…


And we’re super excited to be able to save residential customers 7-30% on their electricity expenses. Equally important to us is the opportunity to provide renewable energy too!!

We’ve partnered with Bluestar Energy, Champion Energy Services and Spark Energy to reduce how much you spend to watch TV, play on your Kinects/XBox, cook your food etc. Check our supplier list here

We’ve also been joined by our Energy Detectives ‘Ohms and Wattson’, who will help you manage your home energy usage and cost. Read more about them here and here

And not to forget our business owners; we’re still running our 3 Months of free electricity campaign. Sign up here

Get excited because we are!!!!

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