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Renewable Energy Around the world

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released the numbers as of January 16th, 2013 with breaking news; 100 percent of the energy being used as of January in the United States was renewable. Predominantly used is wind energy with solar energy coming in second and a small percentage used was biomass. Now yes, these numbers are not only astonishing but commendable, but in a broader spectrum when comparing these improvements, where do other countries stand and essentially our world as a whole? As of today, February 28, 2013, there are 317,575,150 people currently populating the U.S. Out of these 7,103,380,564 people populating the entire world today, the United States is a large contributor, but still comes in third to both China as well as India.

As of January 7 2013, China has not only met their goals of renewable energy increases, but they have far beyond exceeded expectations. China has increased their wind capacity to 56,000 MW and their hydro power to 206,000 MW. Using the resources of renewable energy can increase the likelihood of providing those who are without a source of energy in general to have hope and the possibility of obtaining electricity. India, the second largest populated country, reported in August 2009 that Four-hundred million had no electricity. However since 2009, India has been making efforts and moves to better their energy sources by expos and movements to get the word out as well as ask for funding help from industry professionals. Over 9,00 of industry professionals showed up to the movement Expo “Renewable Energy in India”.

In 2010, Climate Investment Funds reported that Indonesia is one of “Asia’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases.” When a place such as Indonesia, which comes in the fourth most populated with 246,354,637 people in their population, has an energy problem, it not only effects that specific area, but the areas surrounding it and as a result, the world as a whole. It sounds dramatic at first, but if something is not done to change and help develop renewable energy in Indonesia, the climate and all of the people in it will suffer on a health level as well as economical and financial.

Over one out of every five people in the world have no electricity. It is something that is often times taken for granted. Renewable energy is a way that energy can not only be distributed throughout the world, but provides the opportunity to jump start a faltering economy with limited resources. India for instance, would find this extremely beneficial to the community as a whole in the end. Not to mention, the millions of other people across the world that are smaller, but still make up much more of the population of the world. The three largest countries, China, India and United States need to pioneer forward as an example and provide help and services in order for the ball to keep rolling and growing for renewable energy. The desire, the goals and even initiative are all there, but other countries need help so that they are provided with the resources to succeed and trek forward.

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