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Rangers and Bruins and Capitals – Oh My!

Congratulations to the New York Rangers for dispatching the Washington Capitals in decisive fashion in game 7.  It was a team effort from the get-go, and the Rangers really deserved to win big with their play all night.  (And, it bugged me to no end that Ovi complained about the officiating the way he did after the Caps game 7 loss.)

But wait, isn’t this a blog about electricity?  What does hockey have to do with anything else that normally happens here?

The NHL and being Green

Well, there is a small link between the NHL and electricity.  First, it’s hard to miss that creating ice in places like New York City in the middle of May tends to use a fair amount of electricity.  Not to mention that creating ice in San Jose and Los Angeles is going to use even more electricity than it does in New York.  And, you start adding in all the lights for the games, the practices, and everything else, and that’s a lot of electricity just for the NHL Playoffs.

Plus, hockey is game that was invented outdoors.  Most hockey player’s fondest memories, including my own, are playing out on the pond.  A memory that may no longer be possible as climate change starts heating up our planet and the occurrence of frozen outdoor ponds on which to play hockey diminishes.

It’s a little strange to think that a sport like hockey that owes so much to nature could be having such a negative impact on the environment.  The good news is that the NHL front office realized this many years ago, and began taking steps to mitigate the impact of the NHL Playoffs on the environment.  Again this year, they’ve committed to purchase enough Renewable Energy Certificates to offset all the electricity used during the playoffs and the carbon emitted from all the travel associated with the games.  Here’s the article from the NHL itself – http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=667043.  (To find out more about RECs and how they operate, you can read one of my previous blog posts – https://power2switch.com/blog/what-is-a-green-power-plan-how-its-different-than-the-city-of-chicagos-no-coal-provision/.)

Additionally, some of the teams in the NHL, and even some of the players have committed to purchasing RECs to offset their own electricity use and impact on the environment from their activities.  And, thankfully for all you Rangers fans out there – it’s not just Mike Green!  Actually, Mike Richter was a driving force behind the New York Rangers and the NHL adopting green practices when he was a player, and he continues to be very active in that goal to this day.  The good news is that it’s not just professional hockey players than can go green – each of us can choose a green electricity play from an electricity supply company to do our part from the environment.  (I’ve already chosen a wind energy plan with my choice, what are you going to choose?)


A Preview of the Rangers vs Bruins Series

So, the official company stance is that we hope that both teams play well, and that all the games are competitive.  But, I was able to convince the powers that be to make a few tweaks to the Power2Switch logo (which is normally black and yellow) in the spirit of the series, fair play and a good series.  New York, I hope you like it:

Power2Switch NHL

(In full disclosure, I’m a Habs fan from way back in the days of Guy Lafleur, before he laced them up for the Rangers.  So, I’ve never been a real big Bruins fan.)

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