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P2S Team Unplugged

Every Friday, as part of our office and team culture we unplug at 4pm and do something fun. Sometimes we play video games, other times we grab hot chocolate at a local coffee shop, and every once in a while we have our families join us for unplug time. Most recently we have started a new tradition in which we visit specific neighborhoods in Chicago and tell people about Kilowatts of Kindness.

In case you haven’t been following our twitter feed or didn’t’ have the opportunity to check out our teaser blog post about Kilowatts of Kindness, the program is our way of doing social good in communities. Kilowatts of Kindness is our give back program in which we strive to create awareness, peer-to-peer connections and be facilitators of kindness by empowering our customers to share $20, from their switch transaction, with someone who cannot afford to pay their electricity bill. What separates this program from other assistance programs out there? Kilowatts of Kindness is not income based. In fact, anyone who is experiencing a hardship can request assistance by submitting their story of hardship and their electricity bill to help people understand their need and the amount of money they need to pay their electricity bill. On the customer side, every time someone switches their electricity supplier through Power2Switch we give our customer $20 to share with a person experiencing hardship, of their choice, within the Kilowatts of Kindness community. Our goal is to create a community of giving. The power of this community is to bring people together through the Kilowatts of Kindness stories shared within the community and empower people to do good! We hope that our community will connect and touch many lives within the community as citizens come together to help one person reach their goal.

The neighborhoods we have spent some time in so far have been Hyde Park, Uptown, Buena Park, Andersonville, and Edgewater. Places within these neighborhoods that we have shared the Kilowatts of Kindness story in are food pantries, religious charities, city parks, coffee shops, bookstores, Salvation Army locations and basically any place with a community board. We hope to get out to a few more neighborhoods as the holiday approaches.

If you know of any places we should share this program with please let us know in the comments section.

Help us spread the word and empower people to give a different kind of gift this Holiday Season! Give Kilowatts of Kindness & help light up a family’s home. Click here https://power2switch.com/ to participate in and learn more about Kilowatts of Kindness!

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