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National Donut Day Power2Switch Insiders Edition

Today is national donut day- and, well, I love a good fracking donut. Probably more than I should ever admit. ​That said- here’s our “Power2Switch Insiders Edition” of the best donuts in Chicago. We’ve scoured, long and hard, to carefully craft the best go-to guide for donuts in the city. Many sampled, few selected.
​1. The donut Vault (thedoughnutvault.tumblr.com/): Right across from the Merchandise Mart at 400 N. Franklin-  and close to our friends at 1871, is the legendary  Donut Vault. It’s this little side room attached to the Gilt Bar and pumps out  the undisputed best donuts in the city- possibly the world (http://www.saveur.com/gallery2/Best-Donuts/6). It serves up the freshest donuts Tuesday- Friday at 8:00 and Saturdays at 9:30 until they run out.
Insider tips:
a.  get they’re early- the lines, on busy days, wrap around the corner.
b. bring cash, it’s only accepted.
c. the Chestnut and Chocolate donuts are the way to go.
Chocolate Glazed Donut!

Chocolate Glazed Donut! (Photo credit: pkingDesign)

​2. Do- Rite Donuts ( http://doritedonuts.com/#!donuts): The loop’s answer to The Donut Vault,  Do-Rite donuts is operated out of the  side door of Peterinos. It’s located at 50 East Randolph, can’t miss it because of the huge donut in front and serves 6:30-2 M-F and 7-2 Saturdays and Sundays.
Insider Tips:
a. They play some pretty sweet music throughout the store, makes waiting not so bad.
b. The best donuts (in my humble opinion)
     i the candied maple bacon
     ii the pb+j bullseye
3. Glazed and Infused (http://www.goglazed.com/): With 4 locations in Chicago ( West Loop, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and Streeterville) Glazed and Infused is a constant P2S favorite. Hours vary by location (typically opening at 7).
Insider tips:
a. The creme brûlée and coffee glazed are absolutely phenomenal
b. They offer fantastic coffee
4.  Beaver Donuts (http://beaversdonuts.com/): What started as a food truck rolling out piping hot mini donut holes with a variety of toppings, has spread into a culinary cult classic. They have 2 locations 1) food truck, @beaverdonuts and 2) the French Market – 131 North Clinton.
They are open at 7 am on the truck and 7:30 in the French Market and make more throughout the day.
Insider Tips:
a. They give out free donuts on your birthday
b.  They always come right out of the fryer (you can watch it happen) and the toppings Can be whatever you’d like (they have everything.)
This is just my list, if you have any additions please feel free to add them as a comment.  Finally, with that said, I’m off to get a donut.
Happy Friday!
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