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Like no place on Earth…

Wyoming is nicknamed the Cowboy State and is often referred to as Big Wyoming. The western part of the state is covered mostly with mountain ranges and rangelands in the foothills of the Eastern Rocky Mountains, while the eastern third of the state is high elevation prairie known as the High Plains.

Wyoming is our final destination in our United States of Energy data series ranking number 12 in residential electricity prices averaging $8.77 Megawatts per hour. Major electric power plants are coal, which is the primary source of emissions in the state of Wyoming.

The Powder River Basin, most of which lies in northeastern Wyoming, is the largest coal-producing region in the Nation, accounting for approximately 40 percent of all coal mined in the United States. Wyoming produces a substantial amount of wind-generated electricity and the Southern Wyoming Corridor is one of the most favorable locations for wind power development in the Nation.

Did you know? In 1872 Yellowstone was designated as the first National Park in the nation.

The majority of Yellowstone National Park lies within the boundaries of Wyoming. John Colter, a fur-trapper, was the first man known to have entered the region. In 1807 he explored the Yellowstone area and brought back news of its geysers and hot springs. Yellowstone National Park has more geysers than any other geyser field in the world.

It’s been fun and hopefully you have enjoyed our journey through the United States of Energy!

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